How to Clean And Care for Your Sheepskin Rug

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Sheepskin rug is a natural rug that if taken care of can be used for a lifetime. Unlike other rugs, they tend to retain their good looks even as they age.

Many homeowners unknowingly make mistakes when cleaning their rugs believing they are caring for it. But cleaning your sheepskin rug can be easy since the soft woolen fibers wick away moisture that makes it dry within a short time. When properly cleaned and tended for, the rug retains its new and appealing looks. To achieve this shine every time you wash your sheepskin rug, here are some basic guidelines on how to clean and take care of them:

  • Small spills from food or drink items should be spotted and wiped off immediately. It is important to use a damp cloth to clean the spills fast enough. If the stain persists, you can also use a cloth-brittle brush to quickly wipe off the dirt.   


If you regard the spill as non-staining, you can leave the dirt to dry and wipe it off later. Avoid scrubbing the dry stain vigorously as you will be plucking the fibers off; a habit that gradually reduces your rugs lifespan.

  • If you have to clean the entire sheepskin rug, you need to know the don’ts of the process. They are usually foretold by the manufacturers. The specific temperatures when washing in a washing machine should be roughly 35 degrees and when hand washed, 30 degrees. Special wool shampoos are recommended for use to ensure your rug lasts longer. Larger sheepskin rugs should be cleaned on a slightly slanted surface, or preferably a bathing tub with warm water. You may add special glycerin to the water to help the sheepskin retain its softness.
  • Normal soaps or cleaning powders contain enzymes and bleach which washes away the rug’s color. No one would like to see a rug they took time to choose for their interior fade. Therefore, at all costs, you should avoid using such powder. Instead, use mild household detergents that take care of the rug components such as color and fiber softness.
  • After washing the skin, you should rinse with cool water. Use hands to squeeze as much water as you can or spin it in a washing machine. Leave the rug in an open air for drying and keep an eye on it.
  • Regular vacuuming should be done to the rug to keep off any dust. In case of oily or sticky spills on the skin, swiftly remove the excess and do a spot clean in the area using special liquid detergents and then leave it to dry naturally. Later you will be able to remove the remaining stain easily and the skin will look good once more. However, these kinds of minor spillages can be avoided by laying covers on the rug equally on your favorite sitting positions, but more so at the dining tables.