How To Choose The Best Shag Rug

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Today, shag rugs are slowly making a comeback. Decorating with rugs is seen as incomplete without having at least one or two shag rugs. Choosing a suitable shag rug is becoming more fun because of the different colors, materials, styles, and sizes available in the market. It does not matter whether your home is traditional, retro or contemporary. Whatever the case, you will still find a perfect shag rug to complete your home interior d├ęcor.

The following are some of the factors to consider when shopping for a shag rug:

  • Color

Shag rugs come in almost all colors including brown, white, red, black, green, pink and all varying shades. It makes it possible to find a color that will blend well with other already existing colors in the room that you are decorating as well as the adjacent rooms.

If you already have a particular color in mind, it is all good. If you do not know what color you want, consider the colors already in the room before making a decision. If you plan to re-design the room afresh by maybe acquiring a new set of furniture, it is advisable that you wait until you have the furniture; then, choose the shags with colors that will blend well.

You can still choose a color that blends well with most decoration items in the room. For instance, if the room has an earthy theme, it would be appropriate to purchase a brown shag rug as it will blend well with the theme of the room. If you have a modern place with glass furniture and stainless steel items, consider buying black or white shag rugs.

  • Material 

Shag rugs come in quite a variety of materials such as Chenille, Wool, Olefin, Sheepskin, Leather, and recycled t-shirts. When choosing the material for a shag rug, you should first know the purpose for which you are buying the shag rug. If you are going to place it in areas with high traffic, consider materials that are durable enough to withstand the high traffic like Olefin or any other synthetic material.

On the other hand, if the purpose of the rug is to add warmth, a high-pile Flokati shag rug will be the best option. It is because they come in thick piles that add warmth and a soft feel to a room.

  • Size

Shag rugs come in various shapes and sizes. The size that you choose is dependent on the area or room that it is going to cover. You should consider factors such as, whether it will be used in a long hallway, a large room, or even beneath a coffee table. Measure the size of the target room so that you can purchase the exact size of a shag rug.

  • Shape

Shag rugs today come in many ways, such as a rectangle, square and round. When choosing the shape, ask yourself whether the rug will be confined to a particular area or you want something versatile that you can move around anytime.

Shopping for shag rugs is a fun experience. All you need is to set your mind, and you will find the perfect one. Everyone is now determined to acquire a shag rug for their home. Do not be the only one who will be left out.