How To Hang An Area Rug On The Wall

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The design, creativity, and craftsmanship of many rugs on the market (especially antique, handmade and traditional rugs) make many people consider them as works of art. You wouldn’t want to put a work of art, a costly souvenir or a family heirloom on the floor for people and pets to soil it, right? Instead, you can still show off your beautiful rug hanging it on a wall. Doing this will depend on the size of the rug, where you want to hang it, and the look you want to achieve.

Here you can find two methods to hang your rug safely on the wall.

Use curtain rods
You’ll need to sew a heavy cotton or linen casing on the back of the rug to form a tube wide enough for the rod to pass through without forcing the rug. Then, position the casing close to the top of the rug. If your rug is valuable, protect it with an extra piece of linen or muslin between the rod and the back of the rug. Once the rod is in place, mount it on to brackets on the wall. The heavier the rug, the firmer and sturdier the rod should be to support its weight. You can even extend the rod beyond the edges of the rug and decorate both sides for added flair, or hide the rod and brackets for a more natural look.
Use Velcro tape
This method also requires sewing. It’s become popular at homes and textile museums alike because it can be used to hang large, heavy rugs without damaging the materials. Velcro tape comprises two different strips called hook (the rough part) and loop (the fuzzier part). To attach the rug, first sew the loop tape on the back of the area rug, on the upper corner. To prevent damage to antique or heirloom rugs, sew a larger strip of canvas or muslin between the Velcro tape and the rug. Additionally, use thick cotton thread close to the color of your rug to hide the stitches. Staple the other strip of the Velcro tape to a thin piece of wood the same size as your rug. Then, mount the wood to the wall and tape the rug with the Velcro strips. Avoiding all contact between raw wood and the rug is necessary. To do this, you can add a large layer of canvas or muslin between these two materials. Otherwise, make sure the wood is sealed before you tape the rug. If the rug is large and heavy, you might want to add more Velcro strips in vertical lines to secure more firmly to the wood. This is also easier than placing the Velcro strips along the edges of the rug because this can easily lead to the rug wrinkling.

While both methods are efficient and safe if done properly, do consider a few final notes to help maintain your rugs in excellent condition for longer. Never pin or nail the rug to the wall. The weight of the rug will create a pulling effect against the nails, which might tear and damage the fibers. Don’t hang them near heat sources or in direct, intense sunlight. Rugs are important parts of a room’s decor, whether you them on the floor or hang them on a wall. If you hang your rug properly, you can enjoy them for many years to come.