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How to Clean And Care for Your Sheepskin Rug

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Sheepskin rug is a natural rug that if taken care of can be used for a lifetime. Unlike other rugs, they tend to retain their good looks even as they age.

Best Tips to Use When Shopping for Rugs

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All too often people tend to pay more attention to the look and less attention to the quality when it comes to shopping for rugs. You can find good looking area rugs all day long but that doesn’t mean they will hold up to the best or wo

How To Hang An Area Rug On The Wall

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The design, creativity, and craftsmanship of many rugs on the market (especially antique, handmade and traditional rugs) make many people consider them as works of art. You wouldn’t want to put a work of art, a costly souvenir or a family heirloom